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Together with you, we calculate credit period, support and price of lending separately for each project. We finance current activities and investments.

We offer several lending programs.
We participate in the state program " Affordable loans 5-7-9%".
We make a quick decision.

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We open an overdraft in hryvnia, dollars or euro for a period of up to 1 year.We are quick in decisions. Set the debit balance as for the current account. Overdraft is available at any time to replenish working capital.

We provide loans in hryvnia, dollars or euro for a period of up to 3 years. We are quick in decisions. We finance current needs or purchase of fixed assets. We provide money in the form of a loan and a revolving or non revolving credit line.

We provide up to 100% of the credit cost in hryvnias, dollars or euros.We are quick in decisions. Minimum of documents for registration. The pledgor is a resident individual or legal entity.

We finance suppliers of goods without bond against the bill of lading. Period – no more than the term of the supply contract. We pay up to 80% of short-term receivables in advance. We are quick in decisions.

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