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Individual entrepreneur account "Online"


  • Account for business activities of individual entrepreneurs with payment card functions
  • Simple and convenient mobile application for managing your account
  • An individual entrepreneur's account is immediately linked to a card that can be used to make payments via Apple Pay/Google Pay
  • Ability to replenish the account in the Vostok Bank and Easy Pay terminals, as well as at Silpo cash desks
  • Ability to withdraw funds from your account in Ukraine and around the world
  • Clear tariffs for account management
  • Online support in Viber or Telegram

Basic tariffs

  • Opening an account – free of charge
  • Account maintenance – 100 UAH per month.
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs and branches of Vostok Bank, in retail and service businesses – 0,6%
  • Cash replenishment, including at Silpo cash desks, Easy Pay and Vostok Bank terminals – 0,3%
  • • Fee for one payment outside the bank – 3 UAH, within the bank – free of charge
Manage your accounts in the mobile application
  • Transfer by IBAN account number
  • Top up your mobile
  • Make payments between your own accounts
  • Make other payments (utilities, financial services, payments to the budget, etc.)
  • Open Apple Pay and Google Pay e-wallets
  • Receive account statements
  • Set up limits

How to open an individual entrepreneur account «Online»


Be registered as an individual entrepreneur


If you already have a Vostok Bank card for personal needs, you can open an individual entrepreneur account in the mobile application


If you are a new customer – download the application, complete a simple registration using Diia and immediately receive a virtual Card with cashback. After that – open an individual entrepreneur account in a few minutes in the «All accounts» section.
Remote connection of an individual entrepreneur to the online bank

If you are an individual entrepreneur and have a payroll project, or want to delegate account management to a trustee/accountant, connect to the online bank. You can do this remotely or in a branch.

How to connect an individual entrepreneur online

Report on key registration should be generated and signed in one day and sent on the same day to the bank's mailbox by 12:00

  • Sign the Agreement with your Diia signature
  • Use the keys to connect to the online bank

Online support:

Technical support for connecting and operating the online bank: +38 0562 333 418, +38 056 790 3464.

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